POP Stone and Glass

Hi! Welcome to POP Stone and Glass.  I'm Jimi Sitko, owner and artist.  I discovered a passion for stone in 2013 as my wife and I became avid rockhounds.  We both took a lapidary class in that same year, and I quickly realized how much I enjoyed working with stone as a medium. 


When I first discovered my love for working with stone, I wanted to wear my creations.  I wasn’t completely satisfied with cabochons – so I decided to pursue stretched earlobes to display the stones I love.  I also noticed that most of the jewelry available for people with body modifications was made cheaply and generally overseas.  I decided I wanted to offer an exemplary product to the market.  I focus on quality, shine, and customer satisfaction.  I constantly look for new ways to improve my work.

In addition to these products, my wife is a fused glass artist who loves to make people smile through custom glass pieces.  She creates pendants, bracelets, coral bowls, statement pieces, lanterns, sun-catchers and ornaments, and other unique items.  Her favorite item is memorial glass - where a loved one's ashes are fused into the glass to make a treasured memorial in remembrance of a family member or friend (including the 4 legged kind).

Drop us a note - we would love to meet you!